We live in a world of such beauty, real, awe inspiring beauty- so many places to explore, so many faces to meet, a world of originality and adventure: a wonderland. However it is no surprise that this can easily be forgotten, a lot of the focus in this day and age tends to be on negativity, on what is wrong with this world, which is fair enough because there is a lot wrong with modern society. I believe in combining these two factors, in speaking out for those without a voice, in combatting hate speech, in advocating a free world, a good life, in eradicating racism, homophobia, sexism, xenophobia, discrimination, needless social constructs, but I also believe in appreciation, in looking for the positives, in realising the wonder of the little things, the fascination of living in such a wonderful place, a place of so much colour, so much life and so much love. You just need to look for it.

Life has its ups and yes, life most definitely has it downs and these unfortunately cannot be avoided, everyone has bad days, but similarly the good things should not be avoided. It can be so easy to get crushed by the weight of the world’s problems, to drown in your own problems, constantly feeling stressed, insecure, anxious, depressed, the pressures that come with being human and everyone has a right to feel as though the world is against them, as though they are alone, we are all justified in our own selfish nature, our own human nature. This isn’t something to beat yourself up about, putting yourself first is a good thing, but only if you are putting yourself first out of love for yourself, in using your voice to make a positive difference to your own life, but what is also just as powerful is giving a voice to those who remain voiceless, in standing up for those who perhaps do not have a voice, because it’s been taken from them or because they are too afraid to use it. Acts of violence and acts of hate throughout history have allowed acts of selfless love and the truly inspiring and faith restoring support humans show for each other in times of desperation, this is what we should channel, we should look at the good that has come out of the bad, while also looking at the bad in isolation while also looking at the good and the bad in isolation.



As you can see in the pictures above, this is the stunning view from Alcatraz Island, San Francisco, a place that housed some of the most dangerous, twisted and disturbed felons of all time, but also a place where the Occupation of Alcatraz took place, where American Indians held the rock for nineteen months in a courageous act of protest, this had a huge impact, changing federal Indian policy, encouraging worldwide support and acting as a precedent for Indian activism for Indian rights, not to mention the exquisite flowers and thriving biodiversity existing on this magnificent island where there is “life springing from desolation”.

We should aim to end the vicious cycle of hate and destructive social “norms” of our current society that dictate the way someone has to look, the way someone has to behave in relation to appearance, in relation to race, in relation to gender, in relation to ethnicity, in relation to class and social status and instead band together to actually make a change, to value everyone as an individual, as a human being, to make a positive and progressive difference that is in the best interest of both yourself and everyone else- after all, it won’t hurt you in any way, shape or form, to accept someone different to yourself.

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