Power Imbalance

This is a poem and article concerning the existence of an age-old power imbalance between men and women that is still prevalent in society today. Rape culture is very much a part of our everyday lives, victims of rape and sexual assault continue to be silenced, inappropriate behaviours are condoned and even encouraged through systematic actions and a sense of normality that has stripped a woman of the rights she has over her own body. Continue reading Power Imbalance

Take Off Your Blindfold

This is an article and poem concerning the modern age attitudes of the western world in regard to problems that do not affect us, showing how nowadays it is easy to only prioritise issues that directly impact on our own lives. This also links to the idea that technology and the media have made us a lot more inward looking in our nature and far less inclined to care about others because society has designed us to be so anxious about our own troubles and flaws. Continue reading Take Off Your Blindfold