Words are Powerful, Words are Poisonous

What in the world would drive a person to want to hurt, humiliate and degrade another person so badly that it would make them want to die? This is a question that should not have an answer, yet according to the 2016 annual bullying survey of the UK, 1.5 million young people aged 12 to 20 (a staggering 50% of young people) had been bullied in that year. Of these, 33% were having suicidal thoughts. Continue reading Words are Powerful, Words are Poisonous

Society’s Perception of Beauty

In our modern society there exists an idea of beauty in its most superficial, narrow minded and toxic form. We openly excuse hate speech regarding appearance, we make it acceptable to judge someone for qualities they cannot change, we encourage insecurity and feeling as though you are inferior to someone else because of the way they look. This needs to end. Continue reading Society’s Perception of Beauty