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Words are Powerful, Words are Poisonous

All statistics in this article came from the “Ditch the Label” 2016 Annual Bullying Survey: Annual Bullying Survey 2016.

What in the world would drive a person to want to hurt, humiliate and degrade another person so badly that it would make them want to die? A question that should not have an answer…yet according to the 2016 annual bullying survey of the UK, 1.5 million young people aged 12 to 20  — that’s a staggering 50% of young people — had been bullied in that year. Of these, 33% were having suicidal thoughts. Biologically speaking, surely the aim of our lives is survival? So, for humans to be considering ending their own lives, something somewhere has gone catastrophically and unforgivably wrong.

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Society’s Perception of Beauty

Featured Image: ‘Face 10‘ from Flickr by Paul Xhrouet is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0. Link to license deed.

Do not base your worth on a social construct that varies so broadly dependent on time and place. I beg you.

For people to love themselves and be happy with their own appearance, comparing individuals in terms of how “hot” or how “beautiful” they are needs to stop. Who is to say that one human is more beautiful than another? We all posses our own unique qualities, which shape our individuality. Subjective views on beauty arise from different people who are simply looking for different qualities.

We are being so heavily influenced by the environment we are in, which has created this idea of beauty—which is nothing more than an ephemeral social construct dependent on place and time. That beauty is an outcome of social conditioning should always be remembered. By falsely believing that current media crazes provide a fixed definition of beauty, we create a malicious and judgemental environment that breeds insecurity amongst individuals who are questioning their self worth. Self worth should never be based on physical appearance, yet we are such an appearance-obsessed society, with people constantly comparing themselves to others and feeling as though they are somehow inferior or inadequate.

However, all it takes is a look around the world and a history lesson on beauty standards to see that we can each find a number of our physical characteristics (likely ones that, according to current standards, make us feel insecure) reflected as the ideal at some stage of existence or in some society.

This poem addresses beauty as an ever-changing social construct and the negative impacts that modern day influencers, celebrities, television and the media can have on the younger generation, as well as the vicious cycle of unhappiness that inspires insecurity and self hatred as these children grow up feeling uncomfortable in their own skin. This dangerous mindset can lead to people taking potentially harmful health risks out of desperation to look a certain way because of the stigma surrounding beauty and the qualities that are perceived as “beautiful”.

A strive for perfection

a need for protection,

characterised by unrealistic expectation

the selfish desires of a nation

so it’s approval you seek

without beauty you’re weak

a disease of insecurity

infecting the population

the product of an appearance driven society

media influence and magazines inciting

the sadistic nature of conformity

an unspoken rule to look a certain way

deeply disturbing superficial hearsay

with a devastating effect on intellect

a social construct driven into young minds

little girls using anything they can find

to change themselves, to tear themselves down

aged 15 waiting in line for a cosmetic procedure,

a growing self hatred taking control like a seizure

wearing degrading clothing and a nature defying frown

values upheld through social media, in every city, every town,

a vanity desk crowded with makeup and new faces

lotions and potions reinforcing the devotion

to removing identity, to becoming a clone

spending all day looking up diets, eyes glued to a phone

self absorbed celebrities posting modified bodies,

captions reading  “be yourself” coupled with unnatural people

this is an outrage, shocking hypocrisy

steroids and protein shakes,

a requirement to be a certain weight

for your hair to sit a certain way

for your nose to be a certain shape

qualities we were born with

are judged and scrutinised

we are told to make a health compromise

to fit in with normality, in order to be loved

and those born “beautiful” don’t understand the fuss,

but that’s my issue,

your warped vision does not determine my worth,

my self value,

so who are you to tell me what beautiful is

to tell me it’s not desirable for my hair to have frizz

that my arse is great, but my legs are too big

because my purpose is not to please you,

10 year olds are starving themselves

and maybe you are too.

Social expectations and a company’s wealth

put before my mental health

and those 10 year olds become 40 year olds

hating themselves

because faces like theirs aren’t sold

aren’t publicised on television

aren’t featured in magazines

an infinite cycle that needs to be broken,

so forget what you know,

forget destructive taught values that you hold

corrupt ideas, social necessities you’re told

instead make individuality

your new sense of normality

to stop this nation wide health, happiness and identity


Differing Ideals

So here is a poem I wrote, it is one that highlights some of the key issues within our society on accepting other people’s different beliefs and ideologies as well as the darker side of human nature in terms of power and control. The feature picture is a cultural artist picture I took in China Town in San Francisco, this is to remind people of the beauty of separate cultures as opposed to only looking on the more negative extremist side. This is written from my point of view and the feelings of frustration at the continuous media attention on only distressing and hateful events that inspire fear as well as my exasperation at some people’s inability to understand that different people share in different visions and different beliefs and different people have different values and different ways of life and that there is nothing wrong with that unless this way of life is advocating hate towards a differing way of life- confusing, I know!

It’s hard to have faith

when the entire human race

seems to be up to their waists

in animosity and hate

maybe I’ll go to space

anywhere but here,

just another place,

because some people here forget

the importance of respect

the importance of acceptance

and the emptiness of resentment

hate crimes against humanity

are hate crimes against yourself

why can’t you see that beneath our unique

individuality, we are all from the same shelf

no god, no background, no colour, no love

should divide us, yet we judge each other

based on a bible, a book, a scripture

a man made construct, just like a bridge

something that can unite us or crumble and ignite

intolerance and judgement,

a belief that you are superior

because of your ideals, an inability

to listen, to hear the voices of others,

to embrace those who are different,

but instead you silence their voices,

you steal their human rights,

rights to be who they want to be,

a freedom of choice which they don’t have

because you don’t like what you see

because it goes against your ideals,

but why do you care?

making someone feel small

just isn’t fair,

I could judge you, for being so ignorant

for failing to to understand,

for being so indifferent

certain that your vision is real,

that your vision is right

that you are the puppet master

pulling the strings of man so tight,

deciding to fight

in the name of a religion

created by man,

to murder and to devastate,

an entire race, to attack a culture

to create chaos and incite fear,

no religion was born out of hate,

a pact of guidance between a person and their god

there is no harm in believing

there is no harm in seeking a greater meaning,

but there is harm in genocide, in discrimination,

in encouraging violence and breeding hate,

in playing god yourself,

and amongst all the delirium,

it can be easy to forget,

there are so many other problems,

but we can’t combat them yet

until we stand as one force,

an idealistic thought,

not government taught,

corrupt politicians with narrow minds,

empty promises lacking in empathy,

masked extremist opinions with no humanity,

it’s no wonder I’m losing my sanity,

so maybe I will go to space,

to see if there is another race

where misogyny is an unknown concept,

where they look racism straight in the eye,

where people don’t march for the sake of a change

they don’t understand

but for the good of mankind,

where people feel content,

loving someone of the same sex,

not a life where people are all equal

because that can only lead to the

selfish tendencies of human nature,

but a life where people are understanding,

a life where people wouldn’t rather die

than be themselves,

a life where girls feel comfortable

walking alone at night,

a life where boys are allowed to cry

rather than fight and not show fright,

a life where there are no negative

social constructs,

masculinity, virginity, sexual orientation

the house you were born in,

“the complexion of your pigment”

no unrealistic beauty standards

like the size of your waist,

the size of your nose,

when you look down on your stomach,

if you can see your toes

none of these should matter

hurtful, irrelevant schoolgirl chatter,

a life with only one goal

in sight,

to be kind but also to be honest,

to be opinionated but to be more than tolerant,

to be accepting of others, to realise

what another person does, doesn’t affect you,

because although it may trouble you,

life’s too short, to spend it

stopping someone with the same

biology as yourself, from living their life

just because they challenge false ideals

instilled in you from an early age,

so why don’t you break out of your cage,

and live your own life and instead

be an actor on your own bloody stage